(Solution Download) St Dismas Assisted Living Facility Program Plan

1. Draw a Gantt chart for the construction phase of the program. What is the completion date if construction starts in March? What is the completion date of the project if construction is started in November?
2. Why is it not possible to meet the scheduling constraints set by the Board? What is your recommendation to handle the scheduling problem?
3. When will the program be completed based on your recommendation?
4. Develop a Gantt Chart of the Marketing Plan and Implementation Phase of the Program. Determine the start date of the Marketing Plan project in order to meet your recommended facility ready for occupancy date.
5. What is the next step the team members must take in order to complete their project plans?












The steering team meeting held August 31 went quite well. Fred felt that his team members had worked well together at determining the steps and the associated costs of the program. The CFO presented the program budget first, and then project team members presented their draft project plans.


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