(Solution Download) 1 Draw a revised organization structure that will help PepsiCo

1. Draw a revised organization structure that will help PepsiCo attain the marketing integration it seeks.
2. In addition to implementing the new structure you have drawn, what steps can Beraud take to facilitate an integration of marketing efforts across the major brands at PepsiCo?

Assume that you are asked to assist in the redesign of the organization structure at PepsiCo. Assume also that PepsiCo has the structure drawn below for its major products. PepsiCo Chairwoman and CEO Indra Nooyi presents one reason she would like to see a new organization structure: ?We have some of the world?s strongest brands and some of the world?s greatest marketers, but never have we integrated our marketing efforts in a holistic, global and disciplined fashion across the PepsiCo enterprise. We want to integrate our brand marketing efforts and stay ahead of macro consumer trends with a deeper level of sophistication.? In creating your revised organization structure you will be working closely with Jill Beraud, the Global Chief Marketing Officer at PepsiCo. Her goal is to build PepsiCo?s food and beverage brands on an international scale and integrate the company?s entire marketingefforts.


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