(Solution Download) 1 Draw a storyboard to show how the one form

1. Draw a storyboard to show how the one form design concept might look as customer information, product information, and shipping information are added to the expanded form.
2. Can you describe or implement yet another alternative?

A few of the phone-order representatives at Rocky Mountain Outfitters were not completely satisfied with the order centered dialog design presented in this chapter. They suggested that the design could be streamlined if only one form were displayed throughout the dialog the order summary form. They thought the order summary form could expand to show additional information instead of switching to separate forms for customer information, product information, or shipping information. When the additional information is not needed, the form could contract. They thought this approach would be easier on the eyes, requiring less effort to focus and refocus on multiple forms that pop up. They requested that a prototype of the one form design concept be created for their review. The interface might include both options, allowing users to choose the one they prefer.


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