(Solution Download) 1 Each month Reliable produces a statement for each nursing

1. Each month, Reliable produces a statement for each nursing home. The statement lists each patient who received prescriptions during the month. All the filled prescriptions are listed. For each prescription, the following information is listed: the price, the amount billed to the patient?s insurance provider, the amount paid by the insurance provider, and the co-pay amounts due from the patients. Design this monthly statement. Also, identify and highlight output controls that you believe are appropriate for this type of report.
2. In the preceding chapter, you defined an input form to be used to collect orders from the nursing homes. Go back and analyze that input form and identify all of the input controls that you think are necessary to ensure that the prescription are correct. What other procedures or controls would you recommend to make sure that there are no mistakes on the prescriptions?
One of the challenges of a pharmaceutical company is keeping current with new drugs and changes to existing drugs. New drugs are continually being developed and approved. In addition, generic drugs are often available to compete with brand-name drugs. One of the services that Reliable provides is to try to find the least expensive alternative to fulfill a prescription. This cost saving service is one of the marketing advantages that the nursing homes can use to promote their services. Obviously, this service builds tremendous loyalty between Reliable and its customers.


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