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1. Employees at Greyston Bakery, Eileen Fisher Company, Feed the Children, Green@Work, and other organizations described in this video program seem to have a strong congruence of their personal values with the organization?s values. What are the apparent benefits of this value congruence?
2. Discuss the implications of corporate social responsibility in terms of organizational effectiveness.

You might not expect to see British American Tobacco, McDonald?s, and Microsoft at a meeting on corporate social responsibility, but in their own way these firms are taking steps to become better employers and citizens in the community. This video program describes how these and other firms are embracing values and corporate social responsibility. It particularly highlights a few firms that serve as role models in this regard. One of these is Greyston Bakery, a multimillion-dollar gourmet operation that takes people who need help and turns them into contributing members of the organization and society. Another is Eileen Fisher Company, which promotes good labor practices both at home and overseas and helps customers meet their needs. At each firm, the company?s values are aligned more closely with employee values than is the case at a typical organization.


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