(Solution Download) 1 Eric Brinker of JetBlue noted that the database developed

1. Eric Brinker of JetBlue noted that the database developed during the crisis had not been needed before because the company had never experienced a meltdown. What are the risks and benefits associated with this approach to IT planning? Provide some examples of each.
2. With hindsight, we now know that the decision made by Eric Raffin of the VA not to fail over to the Denver site was the correct one. However, it involved failing to follow established backup procedures. With the information he had at the time, what other alternatives could he have considered? Develop at least two of them.
3. A small, undocumented change resulted in the collapse of the VA system, largely because of the high interrelationship between its applications. What is the positive side of this high degree of interconnection, and how does this benefit patients? Provide examples from the case to justify your answer

When most people think of information technology, software and hardware immediately come to mind. While these are certainly important, good IT processes, particularly those that need to kick in during a disaster situation, are also critical. Most important, these need to be in place before, and not after, they are needed. For an example, go back to February 2007, when JetBlue Airways was forced to cancel more than 1,000 flights after an ice storm.


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