(Solution Download) St Dismas Assisted Living Facility

1. Estimate the final construction budget.
2. What should they do about the work slowdown?
3. Create a Gantt chart with the revisions to the duration of the interiors step. When will the project be completed?
4. What is the importance of the fact that the Hospital staff expenses were not reported under the project budget?












It was a beautiful day in mid-May 2001. The St. Dismas hospital Assisted Living Facility project was nearing completion. As usual, the construction project manager, Kyle Nanno, was thinking about the construction project?s schedule. It seemed to him that work on finishing the interior of the building was slowing down a bit. He knew that the final weeks of a project always seemed to take forever, but he also knew that the project was running almost two weeks late as a result of a problem encountered during the excavation phase of the construction project. During March and April, it appeared that they were catching up. Kyle had discussed with the construction contractor that St. Dismas would pay overtime to catch up, but the speed - up was temporary, and the job continued to be late. Kyle was not quite sure why. Progress just seemed to be in slow motion. He decided to meet with Fred Splient, the President and CEO of St. Dismas, to discuss the problems.



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