(Solution Download) 1 Even though the blogging policy has not yet been

1. Even though the blogging policy has not yet been implemented, how well have Kincaid?s actions conformed to the tentative policy?
2. What steps, if any, do you think top management should take to control Kincaid?s blogs?
3. What relevance does this case have for the subject of interpersonal communication?

Genève Ltd. is a manufacturer of upscale clothing and accessories for men and women. The company is headquartered in New York and has worldwide distribution. Manufacturing is carried out in the United States, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, and most recently, China. Genève was founded in 1925 and has remained in business as an independent company. As the demand for formal business attire diminished during the 1990s, Genève suffered a 35 percent decrease in sales. However, as the demand for formal business attire rebounded from 2002 forward, Genève reestablished its sales volume. A few late-night shows featured guests who mentioned they were wearing suits with the Genève label and this resulted in a surge in sales.


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