(Solution Download) 1 Explain the extent to which you agree with the

1. Explain the extent to which you agree with the complaints about telecommuting.
2. How fair is the assessment of Midge and Cal that group problem solving is made more difficult when workers are telecommuting?
3. What advice can you offer Margot to have a telecommuting program better accepted by the managers?

Margot is the vice president of administration at Broad bent Beverages, a bottler and distributor for approximately 25 beverage companies. Much like the bottling companies for the best-known soft drink manufacturers, Broadbent does much of the behind-the- scenes work, such as bottling, packaging, and shipping beverages.
As more beverage companies are doing their own bottling and distribution, and profit margins are getting thinner, Margot and other Broadbent executives have been looking for ways to trim costs. One cost-cutting measure Margot proposed about one year ago was to expand its telecommuting program. She calculated that the company could reduce office space by 25 percent if just 10 percent more workers did not require permanent office space. The telecommuters could work from home about four days per week and share much more limited space on their day in the office. Margot also explained to other Broadbent executives that the company would most likely enjoy productivity gains from the telecommuting program.


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