(Solution Download) 1 Explain the role that marketing research played in the

1. Explain the role that marketing research played in the creation and launch of Domino's new pizza.
2. Are there more effective ways that Domino's could have gone about its research process?
3. Why did it take so long for Domino's to realize that customers didn't like its pizza? Was it an accident that it made this realization?
As a delivery company, no one delivers better than Domino's. Its reputation for hot pizza in 30 minutes or less is ingrained in customers' minds. But not long ago, Domino's began hearing its customers talking about how its pizza was horrible. As a company that has long focused on solid marketing intelligence to make decisions, Domino's went to work on how it could change consumer perceptions about its pizza.
Through marketing research techniques, Domino's soon realized that it had to take a very risky step and completely re-create the pizza that it had been selling for over 40 years. This video illustrates how research not only enabled Domino's to come up with a winning recipe, but led to a successful promotional campaign that has made fans of Domino's pizza in addition to its delivery service.


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