(Solution Download) 1 Explain which two suggestions from the team members you

1. Explain which two suggestions from the team members you think are the most valid.
2. Considering the nature and size of Portland Events Planners, what type of performance evaluation system do you recommend Rob implement?

Rob is the founder and owner of Portland Events Planners, a company that plans events for a wide variety of companies in and around the Portland area. The events include trade shows, product demonstrations, business conferences at hotels, and videoconferences. A staff of five professionals performs the activities necessary for selling the company?s services to businesses and for doing the event planning.
Rob is involved in the same activities of obtaining new business and event planning. The six professionals are assisted by an administrative staff of four people. After five years of operation without one, Rob decides that it is time to implement a formal performance evaluation system. After studying the idea of performance evaluation and speaking to a talent management professional in his network, Rob decides that most performance-evaluation systems are too top down. He thinks that he would like a more democratic system of performance evaluation, particularly because the staff work closely together as a team. Rob decided on a performance evaluation method that focused on each team member rating the contribution of all other team members, supplemented by his own rating.


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