(Solution Download) 1 Explain why Kroger is recognized by Forbes as one

1. Explain why Kroger is recognized by Forbes as one of the most generous companies in America? Is being generous consistent with (or inconsistent with) being highly profitable? Discuss.
2. Which supermarket do you shop most often and why?
3. What are the three most important criteria that determine which supermarket you shop? Does Kroger meet your criteria?
4. What response would be most appropriate for Kroger if Ahold and Delhaize merge?
5. Go to the website www.finance.yahoo.com and put in KR as the stock symbol, and then click on Profile, Statistics, Competitors, and Headlines. Determine whether Kroger has continued of late performing fantastically. Use this website, among others, throughout this course to gather research about companies.
6. Determine from the www.finance.com website who are Kroger's two primary competitors, and how is Kroger performing versus those rival companies?


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