(Solution Download) 1 Explain why the communication skills and techniques used with

1. Explain why the communication skills and techniques used within a business unit (department) are not always effective in communicating across business units or up and down the corporate ladder.
2. Explain why conflict resolution communication skills are not always present in everyday workplace situations and how a skilled communications professional would add value to that workplace.
3. How would a Communications Plan effectively handle a crisis in the workplace, such as violence, sexual abuse, scandal, etc? What would likely happen in a crisis situation without a communications plan in place?

The decision to dedicate the resources needed to fund and support the Department of Communications within Navistar International sends a signal that Corporate Communication is seen as vital to the health of this $12 billion truck and engine manufacturing and financial services corporation. The Department of Communications functions as a business partner with the three major business units. Each plant has a communications manager or communicator who dual reports to the plant manager and the Corporate Director of the Department of Communications. The role of the Communications Manager is to drive the message to the target audience. They use different approaches depending on the audience and the direction of the message, whether it?s heading up or down the corporate ladder, or across business units.


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