(Solution Download) 1 Explore the Web sites of other companies to learn

1. Explore the Web sites of other companies to learn how they get feedback from customers. Start by clicking on ?Contact Us,? then dig deeply to see if you can find a place where each company seeks or accepts feedback and ideas. Write a brief report of what you find.
2. Discuss other ways in which businesses can use the Internet to create greater customer value.
Embracing the marketing concept is one thing; implementing it is another. How do marketers know what consumers? needs and wants are so that they can develop a marketing strategy and mix to satisfy those needs and wants? Research, of course. But that takes time and resources, so many companies are turning to the Internet to get continuous, timely, and innovative information from customers. For example, software maker SAP developed its Business Process Expert (BPX) community by which customers share feedback in forums, blogs, and articles.


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