(Solution Download) 1 From the perspective of a patient how would you

1. From the perspective of a patient, how would you feel about being diagnosed by a doctor who could be hundreds or thousands of miles away from you? What kind of expectations or concerns would you have about that kind of experience?
2. What other professions, aside from health care and education, could benefit from application of some of the technologies discussed in the case? How would they derive business value from these projects? Develop two proposals.
3. The deployment of IT in the health professions is still very much in its infancy. What other uses of technology could potentially improve the quality of health care? Brainstorm several alternatives.

On average, every 45 seconds, someone in the United States suffers a stroke, the third-leading cause of death as well as the leading cause of permanent disability in the nation, according to the American Heart Association. The first three hours after a stroke are critical to a patient?s survival and recovery. For instance, depending on the type of stroke suffered by a patient, certain drugs can vastly improve the patient?s survival and chances for full rehabilitation. Those same drugs, however, can be deadly if given to a patient suffering another type of stroke.


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