(Solution Download) 1 From your viewing of Part I how much is

1. From your viewing of Part I, how much is Nick Mercer?s job as Kat?s date worth? If you have seen this film, do not try to recall how much Nick received.
2. The opening of this chapter includes the following observation: ?Employees desire compensation systems that they perceive as being fair and commensurate with their skills and expectations.? Does Nick believe he is paid fairly in Part II of the scenes? Does he place any conditions on his job and its compensation?
3. Review the earlier section ?Significant Compensation Issues.? Do any issues raised in that section apply to these scenes? Why or why not?

These scenes from The Wedding Date occur in two parts. Watch Part I, ?Nick?s Job,? first. Apply the job evaluation concepts discussed in this chapter to decide the worth of Nick Mercer?s (Dermot Mulroney) job. Kat Ellis (Debra Messing) wants a date to accompany her to her sister Amy?s (Amy Adams) wedding. She also wants to show her ex-fiance that she can recover from him dumping her two years earlier. These requirements become part of her frantic search of the male escort classified advertisements. She hires Nick Mercer, who turns out to be much more dashing and charming than she expected. This lighthearted romantic comedy will entertain you from beginning to end.


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