(Solution Download) 1 Ghost employee schemes usually generate the largest losses am

1. Ghost employee schemes usually generate the largest losses among the payroll disbursement fraud schemes.

2. Corruption is divided into four fraud scheme types:
(1) Bribery,
(2) Conflict of interest,
(3) Economic extortion, and
(4) Illegal services.

3. Kickbacks are undisclosed payments made by employees of purchasing companies to vendors.

4. Compared to bribery and conflicts of interest, economic extortion fraud schemes occur relatively infrequently.

5. Illegal gratuities are made before deals are approved but after payment has been accepted.

6. Of all the different kinds of corruption, bribery schemes have the greatest median loss of fraud schemes committed against an organization.

7. Bid rigging involves establishing a predetermined amount of money that bidders will have to exceed in order to win a bid.

8. The false refund fraud scheme involves any refund given in cash for an item that was originally stolen from the store.


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