(Solution Download) 1 Give all dates relating to maintenance for the VISIONTREK

1. Give all dates relating to maintenance for the VISIONTREK mark.
2. What activities should be undertaken with regard to SUNSPA?
3. Vision would like to file the Section 8 affidavit of use for its V mark for its jewelry. What difficulties might it encounter?
4. What type of arrangement might Vision consider with regard to the SUNVISION mark?

Vision has obtained trademark registrations for several marks, including one for VISIONTREK, which was registered on May 8, 2006. Vision recently purchased all of the assets of a smaller company that operated a resort whose main attraction was a luxury spa called SUNSPA, the trademark for which was registered to the now defunct company. Two problems that Vision is struggling with are decreased sales for the hats offered under the mark SUNVISION (although another company has expressed interest in the mark) and a labor strike that has prevented it from making bracelets displaying Vision?s registered mark ?V? with its eagles? wings, which was registered fi ve and one-half years ago for jewelry in I.C. 14.


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