(Solution Download) 1 Give an example of a data quality problem that

1. Give an example of a data quality problem that was identified. Why was this problem not identified earlier?
2. At the end of the case, several data governance questions are raised. Choose any two of these and provide a rationale for whether IS managers, business managers, or both should be responsible for this type of data governance.

InsuraCorp has several business units that provide financial products, services, and support for one or more of the company?s three major lines of business: (1) individual insurance, such as term life, universal life, and whole life policies; (2) retirement services, such as retirement plans?401(k) and 403(b); and (3) group insurance, such as group life and disability insurance, long-term care insurance. InsuraCorp has grown through acquisitions, and until recently, the business units have continued to operate autonomously. In the past, there was also no attempt to market products to customers across business units.


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