(Solution Download) 1 Given the ideas presented about Apple s strategy what HR

1. Given the ideas presented about Apple?s strategy, what HR actions would be most suitable for supporting that strategy?
2. What challenges would you expect to be most significant for Apple?s HR staff in meeting these human resource requirements?
3. What sources of job applicants would you recommend that Apple use to meet the needs described here?

In a turnaround from a trend in which high-tech (and other) manufacturers have outsourced the making of important components in order to increase efficiency and focus on what they do best, Apple has recently made moves that seem aimed at bringing the design of microchips back in-house. Apple is known for innovative design, and along with that, it tends to keep details of what it makes highly secret. Making chip design a company process, rather than a product to buy, gives Apple more control over the process?and over the secrecy.
Of course, the decision to handle its own development has huge implications for human resource management. The company needs all-new labor forecasts, a larger labor force, and an intense push to bring in technical talent.
Recently, Apple has been hiring many new engineers. Products they could be assigned to include microchips that require less power to operate iPhones and iTouch devices, as well as circuitry to improve the graphics displayed in games and videos played on its devices. A top-notch team could, at least in theory, come up with unique improvements that will take rivals by surprise.


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