(Solution Download) Jim Goodnight founded the SAS Institute in Cary

1. Go to Fortune magazine, February 2, 2009, and turn to pages 64?65 or go to www.sas.com and search under the heading ?SAS Family.? Using the criteria on these pages, evaluate the SAS Institute. Do these criteria reveal why SAS consistently makes the list of ?Best Companies to Work for in America??
2. What is motivating Jim Goodnight?
3. Would you like to work for SAS? Why or why not?











Jim Goodnight founded the SAS Institute in Cary, North Carolina, in 1976. It is probably the least-well-known, major privately owned software company in the world. In simplest terms, SAS writes software that makes it possible to gather and understand data, to sift through mountains of information in order to find patterns and meaning.



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