(Solution Download) 1 Go to www ultimateescapes com and click on What is a

1. Go to www.ultimateescapes.com and click on ?What is a Destination Club?? and then click ?Learn More.? Develop the basics of a promotional message that communicates the major benefits a destination club has to offer over owning a second home, staying in a hotel, or purchasing a time-share condominium.
2. Should the promotional message developed in the above question be informational, persuasive, or reminder in content? Please explain.
3. Given the nature of the destination club business model, which communication mix tools would be most important for Ultimate Escapes to utilize when formulating their communication strategy? Please explain.
4. When promoting its destination club model, do you believe that Ultimate Escapes? communication strategy would be characterized by the lagged effect described in this chapter? Please explain.
5. In addition to Ultimate Escapes? own web page, what other Internet options might the club?s current and potential customers utilize to gather information?

The service sector consists of numerous industries, but perhaps none more compelling than the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry comprises a variety of segments including lodging, travel and tourism, among others, with worldwide employment of approximately 350 million people. Within the lodging segment of the hospitality industry, today?s success stories include those firms that are truly creative in the manner in which they conduct business. One of the most creative hospitality business models today would have to include the destination club business model offered by Ultimate Escapes (www.ultimateescapes.com).


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