(Solution Download) 1 Group managers said it was OK for their people

1. Group managers said it was OK for their people to attend a three-day JAD session next week. Send a message to the JAD team members, with a brief explanation of JAD methods and a proposed agenda.
2. Design a questionnaire for former and potential students in SCR's training classes. Also, reply to Jesse's message about sampling. Give her a recommendation and reasons.
3. Read the JAD session summary in the Data Library and put together a list of system requirements, including outputs, inputs, processes, performance, and controls.
4. Draw an FDD of the main functions for TIMS and send it to Jesse. Be sure to show at least one or two levels of detail.

As you begin the requirements modeling process, you receive specific directions from your supervisor, Jesse Baker. She wants you to conduct a survey of former and prospective students, lead a JAD group session, and draft a list of system requirements based on the results of the JAD session. She also wants to see a functional decomposition diagram showing the main TIMS functions.


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