(Solution Download) 1 Help Jeff decide whether he should give greater priority

1. Help Jeff decide whether he should give greater priority to a smaller facility with possibility for expansion or move into a larger facility immediately. Decide on which is the best alternative and choose weights for the two capacity factors based on your findings.
2. Once you have selected the factors for the two capacity alternatives, use factor rating to select a new location for Data Tech.
3. How would your factor analysis be different if you had selected a different capacity alternative?

Data Tech, Inc. is a small but growing company started by Jeff Styles. Data Tech is a business that transfers hard copies of documents, such as invoices, bills, or mailing lists, onto CDs. As more companies move to a paperless environment, placing data on CDs is the wave of the future. Jeff had started the company in his two-car garage three years earlier by purchasing the necessary software and signing two large corporations as his first customers. Now he was about to sign on two additional corporate customers. Suddenly what was a small garage operation was turning into a major business.


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