(Solution Download) 1 Help Rowena put together a cash budget for the

1. Help Rowena put together a cash budget for the 6 months beginning in April.
2. Does it appear that Rowena?s business will remain solvent, or could the company be heading for a cash crisis?
3. What suggestions can you make to help Rowena improve her company?s cash flow?

Rowena Rowdy had been in business for slightly more than 2 years, but she had never taken the time to develop a cash budget for her company. Based on a series of recent events, however, she knew the time had come to start paying more attention to her company?s cash flow. The business was growing fast, with sales more than tripling from the previous year, and profits were rising. However, Rowena often found it difficult to pay all of the company?s bills on time. She didn?t know why exactly, but she knew that the company?s fast growth was requiring her to incur higher levels of expenses.


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