(Solution Download) 1 How are population trends affecting the U S Navy s education

1. How are population trends affecting the U.S. Navy?s education and operations? What might the organization have to do to adapt to these trends beyond what they?re already doing?
2. What challenges might the Navy face in adapting to a more diverse student body at the Naval Academy?
3. Just like the dilemma that businesses face in retaining diverse employees, the Navy has to ensure that once its workforce is trained that those individuals stay with the organization. What can the Navy do to assure this?
4. Would mentoring or employee resource groups be appropriate for a military organization? Explain. How might a mentoring program or employee resource groups be implemented in the Navy?

The U.S. Navy and the U.S. Naval Academy, the prestigious undergraduate college of the Navy service in Annapolis, Maryland, might not be places that come to mind when you think of organizations that are superior diversity champions.79 yet the Navy is just that. In fact, the enlisted force of the Navy is more than 40 percent diverse.


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