(Solution Download) 1 How can capacity and utilization be measured at an

1. How can capacity and utilization be measured at an airline such as Southwest Airlines?
2. Which factors can adversely impact turnaround times at Southwest Airlines?
3. How does Southwest Airlines know they are achieving their goals?
4. What are the important long-term issues relevant for managing capacity, revenue, and customer satisfaction for Southwest Airlines?
Rollin King and Herb Kelleher started Southwest Airlines in 1971 with this idea: If they could take airline passengers where they want to go, on time, at the lowest possible price, and have a good time while doing it, people would love to fly their airline. The result? No other airline in the industry's history has enjoyed the customer loyalty and extended profitability for which Southwest is now famous. The company now flies more than 3,400 times each day to over 64 destinations across the United States.


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