(Solution Download) 1 How can Workout update its facility to attract new

1. How can Workout update its facility to attract new customers? What additional equipment or services would you suggest? How could something as simple as revising the layout help?
2. It is your job to design a new layout for Workout Plus. Visit a nearby gym to get ideas. Watch the customer flow, unused space, and bottlenecks. What aspects of a process layout do you see? A product layout? Cells? Draw a simple diagram of your proposed layout. (You?ll want to be more detailed than the original layout.) How does your layout respond to the comments collected by Shannon?

Workout Plus is a health club that offers a full range of services to its clients. Recently, two other fitness clubs have opened up in town, threatening Workout?s solvency. While Workout is tops among serious fitness buffs, it has not attracted a wide spectrum of members. Shannon Hiller, owner and manager, has decided it?s time for a face lift. She started the process by sponsoring a week-long ?ideathon? among club members. Nonmembers who frequented an adjacent grocery store were also canvassed for suggestions. Their comments are provided below, along with the current facility layout.


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