(Solution Download) 1 How did the Beauchamps duties change when they began

1. How did the Beauchamps? duties change when they began franchising their business?
2. What challenges might Café Yumm! face in the next phase of the franchise evolution as more franchisees buy into the system and expect to optimize the profitability of their individual restaurants?
3. Identify the benefits and the risks for franchisees who are considering investing in a relatively new franchise such as Café Yumm!.

Mary Anne has an amazing memory for taste,? says Mark Beauchamp, her husband and business partner. ?She can recall the moment when she experiences a new flavor?a fresh herb in Italy or a spice in the Far East.? Mary Anne?s culinary ability provided the momentum for her to open a restaurant, the Wild Rose Café & Deli. Her continuous culinary experimentation led to the creation of a type of ?sauce,? for lack of a better term. The sauce combines flavors and healthy ingredients from around the world?brown rice with red and black beans mixed with salsa and spices and topped with picante sauce?and offers an inviting texture and an incredible flavor.


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