(Solution Download) 1 How did the problems at Deloitte Touche occur

1. How did the problems at Deloitte & Touche occur in the first place?
2. Did their changes fix the underlying problems? Explain.
3. What other advice would you give their managers?

In 1992, Deloitte & Touche, LLP, was celebrating the tenth year in which approximately 50 percent of its new hires were women. Because it takes nearly a decade to become a partner, the accounting firm based in Wilton, Connecticut, was now sitting back waiting for all the women in the pipeline to start making bids for partnership. But something unexpected happened. Instead of seeing an increase in the number of women applying for partnership, Deloitte & Touche saw a decline. Talented women were leaving the firm and this represented a huge drain of capable people. In a knowledge-intensive business such as theirs, this problem went beyond social consciousness. They could not afford to lose valued partners.


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