(Solution Download) 1 How do contracts between attorneys and their clients differ

1. How do contracts between attorneys and their clients differ from other contracts?
2. List the pros and cons of contingent fees.
3. Should a court uphold a contingent fee contract between attorney and client that prohibits a settlement by the client?

Donald L. Corbin, Justice
This case involves an issue of first impression: Whether an attorney who enters into a contingent-fee contract with a client and is later discharged by the client may bring an action for a quantum-meruit fee prior to the resolution of the former client?s lawsuit. Appellant Joy Salmon contends that the discharged attorney?s cause of action does not accrue unless and until the client is successful in recovering an award. She thus contends That the Pulaski County Circuit Court erred in awarding Appellees Virginia Atkinson and James Howell legal fees in the amount of $7,200 for work they performed in representing Appellant prior to date that she discharged them..


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