(Solution Download) 1 How does Lockheed s approach to ethics add value to

1. How does Lockheed?s approach to ethics add value to the firm?
2. Suppose you were a Lockheed shareholder. If the company lost a large contract because it failed to make a kickback and its share price dropped dramatically as a result, how would you feel?
3. What more can Lockheed do to ensure that ethical principles are followed at the company?

In 2001, a man named Ron Covais, a vice president for business development at aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, received an ?inappropriate request for payment? during the bidding process for a contract with a foreign customer. Covais not only turned down the bribe request flat but also immediately removed his company from the bidding process. He reported the incident to his bosses and met with top-level U.S. and foreign officials to discuss the matter. His action cost his employer a multimillion- dollar business opportunity.


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