(Solution Download) 1 How does virtualization work In your own words describe

1. How does virtualization work? In your own words, describe what you understand about the virtualization process as depicted in the case.
2. In software development and testing, where does virtualization help, and where does it not help? Why?
3. What are the business benefits of implementing virtualization technologies in software development? Classify them into those that enhance the effectiveness and the efficiency of the development and testing process.

Virtualization?s big push to fame was arguably kick started by VMware?s Workstation product, which allowed individual users to run a bunch of operating systems (OS), versions, or instances (similar to multiple application windows) instead of having a one-at-a-time multi-boot environment. In many companies, virtualization arrived with developers first using the technology quietly to do testing and development, and then introducing the virtualization tools to IT executives.


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