(Solution Download) 1 How effective do you think MyGofer will be as

1. How effective do you think MyGofer will be as a retail venture?
2. In what way is Sears Holding a combination of the old economy and the new economy?
3. What advice can you offer Sears to make MyGofer even more successful?
4. How is MyGofer doing recently?

Sears Holding Corporation was recently searching for ways to revitalize its Sears stores and Kmart stores. Among its objectives were finding fresh ways to sell Kenmore appliances and Craftsman tools in an age of smart phones and social networking sites. Many years ago, shoppers would place orders using the venerable Sears catalog and then pick up their orders at a nearby Sears store. Sears Holding assembled a team of 180 e-commerce specialists to find fresh, online, and smart-phone ways of selling its products. The new marketing strategy is dubbed, ?Shop Your Way.? Management at Sears Holding presents MyGofer, one component of the strategy, as a fundamental change in the way a retail store operates.


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