(Solution Download) 1 How fair is it for the recruiters described here

1. How fair is it for the recruiters described here to reject candidates because they display poor manners, such as receiving e-mail messages during the job interviews?
2. Of what significance is it if the candidate who is waiting scrolls through applications on a smart phone instead of reading the company annual report?
3. How valid is Kelly?s belief that the way a person drives is related to job performance in aspects of a job that does not involve driving?
4. What lessons do these recruiters have for graduates seeking entry-level technical and professional jobs?

Kelly is a partner at a recruiting firm in Chicago, Illinois. She explains that a job candidate?s behavior comes under careful watch the moment he or she arrives at the placement firm. ?We use whatever data we can to build a portrait of you.?
The receptionist notices whether you are using your cell phone to make calls and send and receive text messages. We also look to see if you are scrolling through apps on your smart phone rather than reading the employer?s annual report. She may also keep tabs on your hygiene habits, such as whether you sneeze into the air instead of a handkerchief or facial tissue.


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