(Solution Download) 1 How is Facebook Login expanding the total demand for

1. How is Facebook Login expanding the total demand for social networks?
2. A major criticism of social logins is consumer privacy. How has Facebook addressed this issue, and do you think it will hurt the company's competitive advantage in this area?
How many times have you left a Web site or app because of the hassle of setting up a login account, or you forgot your username or password for one you had set up? If you are like the 90 percent of users bothered by having to log in, you probably just leave the site and never return. Social networks are helping with that problem by offering social logins on third-party sites and applications. With more than 1.3 billion users and 680 million mobile users, Facebook is the largest social network, and the company is using that power to become even more valuable to both users and businesses. Facebook Login allows Web site visitors and app users to use their Facebook login credentials to log in instead of establishing a separate login for each site and app. Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks also offer social login capabilities, but Facebook is the leader, powering more than half of all social logins online and more than 60 percent of mobile logins. This seems to be a winning arrangement for all parties-users conveniently log in to multiple sites with one username and password, third-party sites and apps gain access to Facebook users' demographic data, and Facebook gathers useful information on users' behavior to better sell advertising.


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