(Solution Download) 1 How is training at Jack B Kelley related to

1. How is training at Jack B. Kelley related to its organizational needs?
2. If you were involved in preparing JBK?s safety training program, how would you assess employees? readiness for training? In what ways can (or does) the company?s work environment support the training?
3. Do you think e-learning might be an appropriate training method for JBK?s drivers? Why or why not?

Jack B. Kelley, Inc. (JBK) is a trucking company?a common carrier that hauls bulk commodities in tanker trucks for its customers around the United States and parts of Canada. It specializes in transporting compressed gas, liquid carbon dioxide, and a variety of specialized chemicals. It can deliver them on demand or will set up a regular distribution system for repeat loads.
The company defines a three-part corporate vision of being
?(1) A great place for our customers?;
?(2) A great place for people to work?; and having
?(3) The financial strength to accomplish 1 and 2.?
Especially at a company where most employees drive trucks delivering liquid and gas chemicals, it?s clear that safety is important not only for being ?a great place? to work but also as a basis for providing the best service to customers and maintaining financial strength. ?When drivers operate safely, they take better care of their equipment,? notes Mark Davis, JBK?s president. And, in fact, safety records are one of the company?s basic performance measures.


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