(Solution Download) 1 How many information systems staff members do you think

1. How many information systems staff members do you think Reliable can reasonably afford to employ? What mix of skills would they require? How flexible would they have to be in terms of the work they do each day?
2. What impact should Web and wireless technology have on the way Reliable deploys its systems? Should the Web and wireless technology change the way Reliable does business?
3. Create an application architecture plan and a technology architecture plan for Reliable Pharmaceutical Service to follow for the next five years. What system projects come first in your plan? What system projects come later?

The Reliable Pharmaceutical Service is a privately held company incorporated in 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It provides pharmacy services to health-care delivery organizations that are too small to have their own in-house pharmacy. Reliable grew rapidly in its first decade, and by the late 1980s its clients included two dozen nursing homes, three residential rehabilitation facilities, two small psychiatric hospitals, and four small specialty medical hospitals. In 1990, Reliable expanded its Albuquerque service area to include Santa Fe and started two new service areas in Las Cruces and Gallup.


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