(Solution Download) 1 How might the nature of what the virus hunters

1. How might the nature of what the virus hunters do affect the most appropriate structure for getting work done efficiently and effectively?
2. In fighting the onslaught of computer viruses, what will be the challenges of managing a team of professionals and a group of customer ?volunteers??
3. What types of adaptive organizational designs discussed in this chapter might be most appropriate for Symantec to most effectively manage its professionals and its customer volunteers? Explain your choices.

?Imagine what life would be like if your product were never finished, if your work were never done, if your market shifted 30 times a day. The computer-virus hunters at Symantec Corp. don?t have to imagine.? That?s the reality of their daily worklife. At the company?s Response Lab in Santa Monica, California, described as the ?dirtiest of all our networks at Symantec,? software analysts collect viruses and other suspicious code and try to figure out how they work so security updates can be provided to the company?s customers. There?s even a hazardous materials box by the door to the lab marked DANGER where they put all the disks, tapes, and hard drives with the nasty viruses that need to be completely disposed of. Symantec?s situation may seem unique, but the company, which makes content and network security software for both consumers and businesses, reflects the realities facing many organizations today: quickly shifting customer expectations and continuously emerging global competitors that have drastically shortened product life cycles.


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