(Solution Download) 1 How much is spent on mobile marketing and what

1. How much is spent on mobile marketing and what is the growth rate of expenditures in this medium? Compare those expenditures to spending in other advertising media.
2. How are marketers measuring the return on investment in mobile advertising? Develop a presentation suggesting metrics that marketers should use to measure the effectiveness of mobile advertising.
Consumers spend a quarter of their media-viewing time on mobile, but advertisers devote 1 percent of their media budgets to mobile devices. Although mobile advertising makes up a small percentage of online advertising, it is one of the fastest-growing advertising channels. One source reported more than 100 percent growth in mobile advertising between 2012 and 2013. But one obstacle is measuring return on investment in mobile. A study of chief marketing officers by e-Marketer found that 41 percent of those investing in mobile advertising indicated that success of their mobile ad spending was "inconsistent" or "not sure."


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