(Solution Download) The Financial Advisors Investment Case How safe is each

1. How safe is each investment and is it insured against loss?


2. How liquid is each investment?


3. Why did the banks representative suggest alternatives 4 and 5?


4. Will closing the savings account and executing the suggestions improve Mike and Marys portfolio?











After completing a degree in education administration, Michael Glenn accepted a position with the New Jersey Department of Education. He has worked there for seven years and has experienced annual salary increments and steady promotions. His benefit package includes full medical and dental insurance, pension plan, and life insurance equal to twice his annual salary. A year after graduating from college he married his childhood sweetheart, Mary McGuire, who works as an administrative assistant for the state. Mike and Mary are relatively frugal people and have accumulated $100,000, which is held in a National Bank of New Jersey savings account and which earns a modest 3 percent annually. They also own a three-bedroom home with a 7.5 percent mortgage that has 20 years left before it is entirely paid off.



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