(Solution Download) 1 How should Captain Jones begin the process of preparing

1. How should Captain Jones begin the process of preparing a new budget?
2. Assuming that the Greenfield officers are still relying on preventive patrol, how could a change in strategy benefit the budget?
3. Suggest some major long-term cost savings Captain Jones could consider regarding dispatch and booking services.
4. Is the continued support of a seldom-used SWAT team a good use of Greenfield Police Department resources?
5. How could Captain Jones use volunteers and reserve officers to increase human resources?

Captain Jones is responsible for preparing the budget for the Greenfield Police Department. The new chief has asked her to review the entire budget and find long-term and short term cost reductions. He wants to shift some resources to community policing projects and would like to create an undercover drug unit. He encourages her to be creative and bold because he does not anticipate any increases in the budget during the next few years.


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