(Solution Download) 1 How should the management team at Bally Hoo make

1. How should the management team at Bally Hoo make an informed judgment about the future demand for retro clothing styles?
2. What is your evaluation of the creative thinking of Julia?
3. If you were a consultant to Bally Hoo Fashions, what would you advise them on the feasibility of establishing a chain of retro boutiques and selling retro clothing to retailers? What is the source of information for your recommendations?

The management team at Bally Hoo Fashions was gathered in Puerto Rico for their annual February executive meeting. The sales for the previous year totaled $85 million, and net profits hit $11.2 million. Both figures were the highest in company history even after adjusting for inflation, putting CEO Julia and the rest of the team in a jubilant mood.
During the first evening of the meeting, just before dinner, Julia addressed the team in these words: ?You folks may have heard the rumor, but I want to confirm it and expand a little. I have spotted a great opportunity for Bally Hoo, and I have had to look in the rear view mirror to get a clear picture of the future.


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