(Solution Download) 1 How well does Gunderson s development program follow the care

1. How well does Gunderson?s development program follow the career management process described in Figure? Identify any elements of that system that are missing.
2. What measures would you recommend for determining the success of Gunderson?s developmental effort? Discuss how well these are aligned with the organization?s goals.

With nearly 7,000 employees working in its hospital, multispecialty medical practice, and more than three dozen clinics, the Gunderson Lutheran Health System has a tremendous amount of talent in an industry where talent can be a life-or-death situation. The challenge for the La Crosse, Wisconsin, organization is to develop that talent in a way that brings out the best in people in a complex environment. That challenge is especially intense considering that many types of health care professionals are already in short supply, and the demand is expected to increase assuming that the federal government?s health care reform legislation gives more people access toservices.


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