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1. How would you define quality and how is quality measured in the airline industry? Are some measurements more useful than others? Explain.
2. Some service activities, such as weather-delayed departures, cannot be totally controlled by airlines, but are affected by outside factors. Among all service activities that affect quality for customers, identify three or more that are totally controlled by airlines, and three or more that airlines cannot totally control. Should both sets of activities be included in the airlines' quality ratings? Explain.
3. Describe how process flowcharts may be helpful for methods improvement in airline service operations. What kinds of information would you hope to gain from the flowcharts?
4. Identify a major U.S. airline that has received poor-quality ratings. Who are its customers, and what are the basic causes that led to declining quality?
5. U.S. airplane passengers must choose between two controversial security-screening procedures: full-body-image detection or probing pat-downs. How might these procedures affect customers' perceptions of airlines' services? What actions would you recommend be considered by airlines to overcome negative perceptions?


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