(Solution Download) 1 How would you define quality for Yahoo s situation in

1. How would you define quality for Yahoo!'s situation in this case? Explain why.
2. To figure out if Yahoo!'s telecommuting is less productive than it should have been, Mayer looked at the log of Yahoo!'s virtual private network to see how frequently employees checked in. What do you think of this as a measure of productivity and quality? What other measure(s) would you suggest instead of the one she used?
3. Go to Yahoo!'s career website (https://careers.yahoo.com) and look at the kinds of jobs available. From these, identify two job descriptions that you recommend as appropriate for telecommuting. Identify two others that are appropriate for office-based employment. Explain the reasons for your recommendations.
4. Consider businesses such as hotels, television broadcasting, or others that provide services/products to consumers. Suppose you want to improve the quality of such a service (choose one or two services). To do so, suppose you are considering allowing telecommuting by some employees, but requiring others to be office-based employees. Identify two kinds of work suitable for telecommuting and two kinds for office-only jobs. Explain your reasoning.
5. In general, how would you measure a service provider's quality and productivity? Recommend specific measures that will enable you to track changes in quality and productivity with the passage of time?


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