(Solution Download) 1 How would you encourage the new officers enthusiasm for

1. How would you encourage the new officers? enthusiasm for community policing and help them buck the prevailing culture?
2. Is Officer Blake a good candidate to be a mentor for a new officer?
3. Officer Blake is clearly entrenched in the crime fighting mode of law enforcement. How would his encounter with the young men in the park affect your department?s public image?
4. Isolating police officers in squad cars creates a barrier to good communications and can thwart cultural awareness. How could an emphasis on community policing have changed this encounter?
5. As a new chief attempting to implement a community policing strategy, how would you address the issue of gratuities?

As the new police chief of the Greenfield Police Department, you expected some resistance from officers during the transition from a crime fighting philosophy to a community policing philosophy. Several veteran officers oppose the change. Most younger officers are willing to try community policing and enjoy interacting with the community. Unfortunately, they worry about being rejected by the veteran officers. Most younger officers do not want to buck the prevailing police culture and informal hierarchy.


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