(Solution Download) 1 How would you feel about working for a business

1. How would you feel about working for a business that uses a video system to monitor employees at work? Explain. Why do business owners use monitoring systems?
2. Use the Web to research video monitoring of employees and prepare a list of at least five recommendations to help companies avoid legal problems.
3. Can you suggest other ways besides video monitoring that employers like Elmore can use to encourage employees to do their jobs well when the boss is away?

Ryan Elmore, owner of Pepper Jack?s Neighborhood Grill, a neighborhood restaurant in Erie, Colorado, was confident that his employees were hard at work when he was away from the business. However, when Elmore installed a video surveillance system that allowed him to monitor the action in his restaurant online, he was shocked at what he saw. The restaurant manager who was on duty went home a few minutes after Elmore left, and cooks took shortcuts when they made the restaurant?s signature fettuccine Alfredo. Employees took extended breaks, sat at tables and sent text messages, and doled out free dinners to their friends.


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