(Solution Download) 1 Identify the different costs of quality described in the

1. Identify the different costs of quality described in the case. Explain the trade-offs between the costs of quality that Delta made in its decision. Was George Chadwick correct that conducting more tests was unnecessary?
2. Use one of the quality tools described in the chapter to analyze the defects in the case. How do the quality dimensions differ between the two materials? Are there more defects associated with the super plastic versus the standard material?
3. Given your findings, what should Jose do?

Delta Plastics, Inc. specialized in the design and manufacture of plastic containers, primarily for kitchen and household use. Its products were sold through merchandise retailers and were recognized for high quality. Delta also had an active R&D group that was continuously working to develop new plastic materials and new product designs. Delta was a recognized industry leader and was aggressively looking to increase brand recognition and market share.


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