(Solution Download) 1 Identify the main reasons raised in this article why

1. Identify the main reasons raised in this article why executives meet employees and clients face-to- face rather than through other communication channels. Are all of these reasons logical, or are some overstated?
2. In this world of globalization and information technology, discuss the skills and knowledge that these world-traveling executives require to make face-to-face communication work effectively.

If there is one thing corporate globetrotters agree on, it?s that there is no substitute for face time. ?I don?t want to sound like a whirling dervish,? says Paul Calello, Credit Suisse?s investment banking chief. ?But in a global world you have to get in front of your employees, spend time with your clients, and show commitment when it comes to joint ventures, mergers, and alliances. The key is thoughtful travel?traveling when necessary.? Many predicted that technology and globalization would bring the end of face time. Instead, these conditions have made personal interaction all the more important. Executives increasingly feel the inhuman pull of having to be in two, three, four places around the world at the same time. Those who master this new reality are able to strategically identify their face-to-face priorities and finesse tight travel schedules to make these events happen with a reasonably sane schedule.


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